Setting the Agenda

The Agenda serves as our meeting outline or plan and should be clear, concise and follow a consistent format.

New Business will generally be identified at the end of a prior meeting and placed for consideration on the current or a future agenda. The president will maintain a running list of previously identified issues to be addressed in the future as time permits.

If between meeting dates, a board member identifies a significant item of business that they feel should be added, the member should contact the President at least three weeks prior to a scheduled meeting.  The President will consult with the board member and determine if the item should be placed on the next agenda.   If the decision is to do so, the new item will be forwarded to the other Board members at least two weeks prior to the meeting to provide adequate time for board members to consider its impact, to individually deliberate and to ensure that any major questions or procedural hurdles, such as timing are worked out prior to the meeting.

New business when identified should be adequately researched to ensure that we are not reinventing the wheel. The vast majority of issues have probably been addressed before. It is your responsibility, as a board member, to ensure that there is some fundamental change in facts, etc. before new business is presented. Discuss with the President or our Association Manager if you are unsure.

We should strive to properly vet issues before they are formally presented at board meetings. New business when identified should be well thought out with alternative solutions whenever possible. A poorly conceived resolution will result in a waste of our time.

It is our goal to ensure that new business, once presented, is clearly disposed of with either an up or down vote or if necessary, a move to table until a later date. This eliminates uncertainty.

When constructing the agenda, we should indicate whether a particular item is for discussion only or for discussion and possible action.  This would help community members know if we were planning to vote on a particular issue or simply discuss it and perhaps vote at a later time.

The last item on every agenda should be Suggestions for Future Agendas.  However, when suggesting such items, Board members should remember not to begin a discussion of the item.

The Agenda, once finalize will be distributed to the members of the board. A copy will be placed onto the website, under Documents-Agenda, at least one week prior to a given meeting.