Standing Reports

Each Officer and/or Committee Chair should prepare a quarterly report to be submitted at least one week in advance of a board meeting for inclusion in the board packet as follows:

     President – Shall prepare the agenda with input from the board and have available at least one week prior to a scheduled meeting.
     VP/Secretary – Shall report on past results and anticipated plans concerning the Meet & Greet, any updates to our Website, new and departing residents and other significant matters during the quarter.

     Treasurer – Shall report on our current financial condition and any significant events or transactions that have taken place during the quarter.

     Design Review Committee – Shall report on all requests, violation or complaints and their disposition that have taken place during the quarter.

     Landscaping Committee – Shall report on all significant activities contemplated or completed with respect to the common areas, drainage areas and gates during the quarter.

Advance reporting serves to provide board members with greater transparency and gives the board members advance notice as to any significant matters that will be covered. It also provides them the opportunity to consider any significant matters without any surprises prior to a given meeting.

Any significant proposals that require a vote of the board should be forwarded separately for inclusion into the Agenda. Examples of this should include any major change in policy or anything that requires a new or significant expenditure.

Written reports should be clear, concise and to the point. Please keep to a single page and bulletize whenever possible.  It would be best practice to use your prior reports as a template for future ones to ensure consistency.

When called upon to report, board members should keep their reporting or discussions brief and concise. Reports should as a routine matter take no more than 5 minutes. If you have nothing to report or nothing to add, then state so.

These procedures are an attempt to ensure that board operations are efficient and quarterly meetings are kept to no more than an hour.